Written by: 
Diana Rotescu

Halloween in Transylvania - All you need to know before registering

Halloween in Transylvania is one of ESN Romania’s trademark events. Happening once a year at the end of October, its aim is to introduce Erasmus students (and not only) to Romanian culture, the beautiful region of Brașov, and of course some of our most famous castles. With its trips to Peleș and Bran as well as day activities such as a big Flag Parade but also the iconic Halloween party, Halloween in Transylvania is bound to be one of the most exciting events you can join this year! This year’s edition is going to be even more impressive as we are marking the 10-year anniversary of the event, in light of the European year of Youth.

You want to join Halloween in Transylvania, but you don't know how? Does the event sound tempting but you are not quite sure if it is a good fit for you? Let us clarify a few things for you.


Who can register for Halloween in Transylvania?

Anyone who is on an Erasmus+ mobility in Romania. Spots are limited, therefore the sections will prioritize the registration of students and interns who are guests in their own cities.


How do I register for Halloween in Transylvania?

If you are having your Erasmus+ mobility in one of the following cities, ask your local section for details:

If you are on an Erasmus+ mobility in a city that we did not mention above, contact the ESN section which is nearest to you and ask how you can register for the event.


What am I paying for?

 The fee you are playing will cover the following:

  • Accommodation (with the exception of the participants from Brașov)
  • Transportation
  • Entrance to Bran and Peleș Castle
  • Logistics for the Day and Night activities
    • Flag Parade
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Erasmus Generation summit in Râșnov
  • Entry to 2 parties
    • Glow in the Dark party
    • Halloween party
  • Welcome pack

Disclaimer: Each local section will organize its own transportation and accommodation. Because of this, there might be small differences in price and what the accommodation is offering (breakfast included, facilities etc.)


Can I pay for and attend just the parties?

Halloween in Transylvania is an experience best enjoyed in its integrity. Due to sports limitations, we can only offer the full package.


Can I pay just for the event participation and give up the welcome pack?

Due to logistics constrains, we cannot offer spots without the Welcome Pack. Don’t worry, we are sure you will enjoy its contents and the items in it will be a reminder of all the good memories we are sure you will make at our event.


Will I have to attend all the events?

It is entirely up to you if you want to join all the planned events. However, we highly encourage you to attend them all to be able to enjoy the full experience of Halloween in Transylvania.


What happens if I paid for my spot but I can no longer attend?

For unfortunate cases where you can no longer attend the event, we encourage you to communicate with the local ESN section hosting you and find a solution together.


What activities will take place at Halloween in Transylvania 2022?

The activities will be split into Day and Night Activities.

As Day activities we will have:

  • Trip to Bran castle
  • Trip to Peleș castle
  • Flag Parade
  • Erasmus Generation Summit
  • Treasure Hunt

The Night Activities are:

  • Glow in the Dark Party
  • Halloween Party


What is the Erasmus Generation Summit?

A celebration of our love for Europe as an area of peace and cultural exchange in the light of the European Year of Youth!

During EGS, students will be free to choose to participate in one of the activities happening simultaneously. Be aware of the fact that for the majority of activities spots are limited.

  • Documentary film: Wild Romania is a very acclaimed documentary film about the nature and wildlife of Romania.
  • Râșnov Citadel Tour: Passionate about medieval times? Then you can join the guided tour of the Râșnov Citadel for a history lesson.
  • City Hunt: During the City Hunt you will make new friends and take on the challenge to discover the mysteries of Râșnov!
  • Silent Walks: Would you rather get some fresh air and recharge? Reconnect with nature during the silent walks through the forest.
  • Participative Workshops: Are you a fan of non-formal education? You will have the chance to participate into a session on either sustainability, mental health, intercultural dialogue or democratic & youth participation.
  • Upcycling & Crafting Workshops: Get creative and make your own mask using recycled materials or carve a Halloween pumpkin!


Can I bring someone who is not an international student in Romania to attend the event?

This is up to your local section. Ask the ESN section in your city if they still have spots left, they might be able to help you.


Can I join the event only from Friday on?

In theory yes, but you will have to find your own transportation to Brașov. Discuss the topic with your local ESN section to find the best solution.


What rooming options are offered for accommodation?

Each local ESN section has booked the accommodation for the participants who registered through them. They will come back to you with more information on this topic after the registration period is over.


Is there a discount for ESNcard holders?

Some local sections may offer a discount if you are the proud owner of an ESNcard. Ask your local ESN section for details regarding this.


Should you have other questions feel free to reach out to any of the local sections or to us on our event pages: