Written by: 
Cristian Pașka

General Assembly of ESN Romania, 24 – 27 March 2022

The General Assembly of Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Romania took place between 24th and 27th of March and was organized by ESN Pitesti, the newest local structure of the organization.  Extremely motivated and able to learn in an extremely short time, but also having the extraordinary support offered by the Bureau of International Relations of the University of Pitesti, the volunteers organized a flawless event for a number of 120 participants. Representatives of each local structure, as well as international guests from Germany, Greece, Great Britain and Turkey participated in the event.

During this event, ESN Romania volunteers come together to discuss the latest news from within the organization and to debate new ideas and proposals aimed at its future (internal regulations, affiliation with other national structures, events and projects for beneficiaries). In order to offer an educational dimension to the event, the trainers of ESN Romania facilitated several workshops on topics of interest for the development of volunteers' competences.  The maximum point of interest of the meeting was on Saturday, when the elections for the new Board of Directors of ESN Romania for the 2022/23 mandate took place. Following the elections, 7 of the 11 open positions were filled, and a new call will be opened for members interested in taking their volunteering experience at a new level.

The following volunteers have been elected:

  • Iulia Ghimpeţeanu – President (ESN Cluj-Napoca)
  • Teodora Gruia – Secretary General (ESN UniBucharest)
  • Daria Ionescu –Vice President (ESN ASE-CMP Bucharest)
  • Diana Simeria – Communication Manager (ESN Suceava)
  • Claudiu Făgădar –Project Manager (ESN Cluj-Napoca)
  • Liviana Strâmbeanu – Partnerships Coordinator (ESN UniBucharest)
  • Andreea Podovei – Web Administrator (ESN ASE-CMP Bucharest)


On the last day of the event, in addition to presenting the results of the votes, ESN Romania Awards were also handed out. This was an initiative in which the most outstanding results of the local sections were awarded and the section of the year was voted as a result of a unique moment in which each section had to convince the other sections (through music, poetry, presentations or videos) why they deserve this title. The results included:

  • Section of the Year – ESN Cluj-Napoca
  • Award for best progress – ESN Alba Iulia
  • The activity with the greatest impact on society – ESN Constanta
  • The best mobility promotion activity – ESN Suceava
  • The best collaboration with the Office of International Relations – ESN Pitesti
  • The best human resource coordination – ESN UniBucharest
  • The best activity for the integration of new volunteers – ESN Cluj-Napoca
  • The best communication on social networks – ESN ASE-CMP Bucharest
  • Most of the commercial partnerships concluded – ESN Brașov
  • Most ESN causes covered throughout their activity – ESN Iasi
  • Honorary mention for the restoration of a church – ESN Sibiu


The next period will be a challenging one for the volunteers of ESN Romania. Among the priorities of the organization will be the legal establishment of our local sections, organizing, after two years of break caused by the pandemic, of national events for international students, but also the increase of the patrimony and the network of partners of ESN Romania.