National projects are:

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Halloween in Transylvania

HiT is a journey through the cultural heritage and mysterious land of Transylvania: castles full of history, breathtaking landscapes, delicious traditional food, promenades through Romania’s most beautiful towns, and parties with your fantastic international friends.

Escape to Vama Veche

You will have the opportunity to be around campfires on the beach, participate at themed parties, color battles, a one-day-trip to Bulgaria, and last but not least, be involved sea-side sports and social-environmental activities. All of these will guarantee you an unforgettable event.

International Erasmus Games

The International Erasmus Games (IEG) are a pan European health and wellbeing initiative of the ESN. The Romanian National Phase unites exchange students from all over the country in an effort to promote sports as a universal language which is understood by everyone.

International projects are:

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Mov'in Europe

The aim of the project is to promote mobility opportunities using the strength of ESN, namely our capacity to share real-life experiences. We aim not only to promote Erasmus mobility programmes but also a wide variety of opportunities targeted at young people, students and young graduates (volunteering, internships, traineeships, student exchange, travelling, etc).


SocialErasmus is an international project by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) that promotes a social attitude among young citizens participating in mobility programmes, to facilitate their integration into the local community while gives them the chance to make a long lasting social change in society through volunteering activities. The project goes under the slogan: Leave your mark!


ExchangeAbility is a long-term project of ESN whose main aim is to promote mobility opportunities and accessible Higher Education possibilities for students with disabilities. Additionally, ESN also wants to provide the conditions and opportunities for students with disabilities to actively participate in student life as well as raise awareness of the local communities about the topic.

Responsible Party

Responsible Party is a project ongoing across Europe with more than 174,000 students participating. Using the peer-to-peer approach, student ambassadors are organizing activities during parties in a fun and engaging way with the aim of raising awareness about the health effects of alcohol consumption.


Eduk8 is ESN’s international training project, which aims to empower ESN members to allow them to perform better in their ESN daily tasks. Also Eduk8 aims to create a pool of Trainers empowered with the tools and knowledge needed to educate and develop fellow members in the network. Every day ESN’ers all over Europe, work hard to support and develop our colourful network and while doing so they gain new skills and competences.