Are you a student with wanderlust? Do you like studying but still feel that you want something new in your life? Do you like travelling but your budget is limited? If your answers are yes, then what about applying for an Erasmus+ scholarship? Trust me, it’s worth it! I am already at my 3rd Erasmus+ mobility and since I left home for academic purposes my life has changed considerably.

But wait! Do you know what Erasmus+ is? Well, it’s an incredible program for students from all over Europe and some other partner countries. It is addressed to students from all cycles of study (BA, MA, and PhD.) that want to go and study abroad for one or two semesters. Is this reason not enough? Then read this carefully: The European Commission helps students by offering a grant. In this way it encourages learners even more to benefit from an Erasmus+ mobility, which would broaden our horizon, improve our personal and professional abilities and have a lot of influence upon us. And this is just one part of it. Think about all the international people you’ll meet and with whom you are going to travel here and there, and last but not least, all the kitchen parties. I am sure you’ve heard of them. You know that the university years are the best years of your life, don’t you? Then why not make them even greater? Remember that you are young, beautiful and at this age you CAN do whatever you want. Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself more!

And I still haven’t told you all. There are too many benefits and you should experience them on your own, but let me share some of mine with you. When I look back to my study semesters abroad in Germany and Austria, I remember of my favourite teachers, my amazing USA History classes, the wonderful greetings and   congratulations from my American, German or Austrian teachers. And trust me, I do not exaggerate! This is what actually happened. I am not the best student in the world, but when I love what I study, I unconsciously show my  dedication through my behaviour and comments. Also, the simple fact of contributing with comments from another cultural perspective during classes brought me my teachers’ appreciation. You cannot compare the feelings of passing an exam at your home university with the pumping heart you have before an exam abroad. It’s  simply different!

So, have you decided? Have I given you enough reasons for going to study abroad? If so, then I can only say: choose a flag and pack your bag because "Once Erasmus, always Erasmus!".

Iasmina Alstani, Education Officer of ESN Romania



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